CloudTransit & CloudConnect

Leverage our extensive connectivity and peering to deliver anycast, transit and transport into independent cloud and infrastructure providers, including Amazon AWS, Google Compute, Azure, and more.

CloudTransit & CLoudConnect


Leverage NetActuate’s extensive network platform and geographic presence to connect with all major public and private cloud infrastructure providers at a global scale. Our platform allows you to weave existing infrastructure in your own datacenter to your cloud footprint across multiple cloud providers and regions.


CloudTransit solutions allow you to extend your existing production network, or load balance into your current production cloud environments using our routing platform.

  • Leverage our BGP Anycast platform to route into diverse geographic regions and availability zones
  • Distribute traffic across cloud platforms, diverse providers, and your own infrastructure to provider-agnostic high availability
  • Reduce high volume bandwidth costs with DirectConnect ports combined with NetActuate IP transit


CloudConnect provides a direct layer 2 connection from any office or datacenter to your cloud infrastructure services to increase performance and reduce latency.

  • Intra-provider (cloud to cloud) connections are available
  • 100Mbps to 10Gbps+ connectivity options are available
  • Reduce your overall bandwidth and data transfer rates
  • Direct connections available regardless of geographic location

Supported Providers

Current platforms that we work with and connect to include:

  • Amazon AWS & EC2
  • Google Cloud Engine
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Softlayer
  • OVH
  • Hetzner

Due to our large global footprint, there may be additional providers that we can support that are not currently listed above. Please contact us to discuss any providers not listed.

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