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Deliver your data and applications with high performance and low latency  – whenever and wherever your users need them.

IP Transit & Transport

Get low latency delivery across 2,500 peers and leading national and global providers with NetActuate’s IP transit services, available from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps in over 50 carrier hotels worldwide. Our MPLS and SD-WAN services provide fast, reliable connectivity within a market or globally, from New York to Hong Kong.

Hyper-Scale Cloud Connect

Drive your business forward with fast, secure, direct connections to leading cloud providers, including AWS, Google and Azure. We will seamlessly interconnect your infrastructure to any enterprise, cloud, or service provider, giving you the flexibility and rapid scalability you need to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace today.

BGP Anycast

For businesses with a national or global customer base that demands 100% uptime, we offer best-in-class BGP anycast. By mapping one IP to multiple geographic locations, we bring your content, data, and applications closer to your users. With our anycast solutions, if one location goes down, users are quickly routed to the next closest location for maximum uptime.

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Managed Network Stack

Let our experienced engineers build and manage a fast, reliable, and secure network for you. We can manage all or part of your network stack, including firewalls, switches, and load balancing. Our smart DDoS protection will keep your infrastructure safe from attacks, and our 24×7 global operations team will monitor your network and resolve issues before they affect performance.

NetActuate’s network solutions are designed to make sure your data and applications are available whenever your users demand them. Partner with NetActuate for the redundant, low-latency connectivity you need to meet the demands of tomorrow’s marketplace – today.

Our Network Partners

Our global network is built with both 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps connections from multiple, diverse leading providers. Designed for performance and reliability, our network processes over 25 billion transactions per day.

Direct Access to the World’s Largest Internet Exchanges

Our datacenter locations include direct access to the largest internet exchanges in the world – so you can connect to major global markets with just one provider.

Internet Exchange Reseller Partners

Our partnerships with the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) and the New York Internet Exchange (NYIIX) enable you to easily and affordably extend your reach – without having to invest in local infrastructure . Benefits include:

  • A single point of contact for tapping into AMS-IX and NYIIX
  • Lower deployment fees
  • Only pay for the bandwidth you need
  • Easily upgrade your bandwidth as your business needs grow
  • ASN presented at NYIIX and AMS-IX as if physically present
  • Seamless connection from the remote customer port to the IXP peering LAN
  • Bundled transport and connection at the Exchange
  • Delivered over Point-to-Point to any global location