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Chennai, India Datacenter

Based in Chennai (Madras), India, this location provides excellent connectivity throughout India with leading Tier 1 providers. This datacenter’s strategic coastal location and cable landing provide local peering, as well as excellent connectivity, through Asia via Singtel and PCCW.


  • 30,000+ Sq. ft (2,700+ sq. m)
  • Seismic complaint
  • Tier 3+ data center standards
  • Firm concrete building
  • Floor load: 1,250 kgs/sq. mt.


  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • SAP & ISO 20000


  • CCTV surveillance cameras
  • 24×7 on-site security presence
  • Photo ID required
  • Access card and biometric authentication


  • Carrier-agnostic
  • Multiple connections
  • Fiber, copper, coax cross-connects


  • Loop power receiving from different substations
  • UPS system with N+N redundancy
  • Gen-set with N+1 redundancy (1010 KVA X 2 )
  • Dual power feed, PDU sources to each rack


  • Air-cooling system with N+2 redundancy
  • THERMAX MOH42/44 (Best in class eco-friendly vapour absorption machines)
  • Management of temperature and humidity
  • Raised flooring air conditioning system
  • Down-blow below raised floor and drawn into ceiling

About Our Madras Datacenter

Based in Chennai (Madras), India, this location provides excellent connectivity throughout India via leading Tier 1 providers and local peering, as well as excellent connectivity throughout Asia because of its strategic coastal location. Key carriers include TATA / VSNL, Reliance, Bharti (Airtel), and extensive peering on NIXI to provide the best low latency domestic and international connections.

Built to sustain extended power outages common in this location, as well as connectivity/fiber cuts with at least three layers of redundancy and diverse connectivity, we are also pleased to colocate in India’s First LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Rated Datacenter. The LEED rating system developed by the Commercial Interior (CI) program of Unites States Green Building Council (USGBC), is an internationally recognized program and is considered one of the highest standards for energy efficient constructions.

Netmagic’s Chennai datacenter incorporates several green features such as site ecology, water conservation, smart energy meters and equipments, reduction of CO2 emissions, high recycle content, effective waste management, and eco-friendly interiors. that make the facility truly energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Available Services


Safeguard your equipment with the highest levels of security, redundancy, and connectivity.

Virtual Servers

Instantly provision virtual servers with over 500 ISOs with our self-service web portal.

Bare Metal Servers

Instantly deploy and manage physical servers using our Bare Metal as a Service (MaaS) platform.

Hybrid Cloud

We will seamlessly integrate your existing equipment and services with ours for a true hybrid solution.

BGP Anycast

Give your users faster performance and zero downtime with our global anycast service.

IP Transit & Transport

Get low latency delivery across 2,500 peers and leading network providers, available from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

Cloud Connect

Fast, reliable direct connections with all major public and private cloud infrastructure providers, including AWS and Azure.

Managed Services

Our experts will cover your most pressing needs, including remote hands, DevOps, network operations, engineering and more.

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