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Complementing our locations in India, Hong Kong, and Australia, Singapore has excellent overall connectivity to Asia. It is a great choice for latency sensitive deployments that need to reach the broadest parts of Asia from just one location.


  • 10,000+ Sq. ft (900+ sq. m)
  • 15 in (40 cm) raised floor


  • SSAE 16
  • ISO 27001
  • ANSI/TIA-942


  • 24/7 onsite security
  • Controlled access
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Biometric scanners
  • Man traps


  • Carrier-agnostic
  • Multiple connections
  • Fiber, copper, coax cross-connects


  • Dual diverse power distribution
  • 6 x 200kVA N+1 UPS systems
  • 2 x 400kVA standby UPS
  • 2 x 1000kVA diesel generators
  • 1200 litres bundled fuel tank


  • N+1 chiller redundancy
  • Hot aisle/cold aisle configuration

About Our Singapore Datacenter

Complementing our locations in India, Hong Kong, and Australia, we have Singapore as our fourth Asian location. Singapore provides excellent overall connectivity to Asia, and is a great choice for latency sensitive deployments that want to reach the broadest parts of Asia from only one location.

Our deployment in Singapore is in Epsilon’s New Tech Park. Epsilon Global Hubs are co-location facilities for carriers who are already well-established on Epsilon’s eConnect Exchange, or for new entrants requiring technical facilities to extend their connectivity into Europe, Asia and beyond.

The datacenter has advanced plant and cooling facilities with a managed meet-me-room (MMR) concept for unnecessary cable routing and easy traceability.

The MMR is integrated with the Epsilon network for seamless cross connects across the operating footprint, with access to over 500 pre-connected carriers from a single MMR port. The facilities are designed to support an average allocation of 1.5 kW per rack space and a maximum power dissipation of 3.5 kW.



Available Services


Safeguard your equipment with the highest levels of security, redundancy, and connectivity.

Virtual Servers

Instantly provision virtual servers with over 500 ISOs with our self-service web portal.

Bare Metal Servers

Instantly deploy and manage physical servers using our Bare Metal as a Service (MaaS) platform.

Hybrid Cloud

We will seamlessly integrate your existing equipment and services with ours for a true hybrid solution.

BGP Anycast

Give your users faster performance and zero downtime with our global anycast service.

IP Transit & Transport

Get low latency delivery across 2,500 peers and leading network providers, available from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

Cloud Connect

Fast, reliable direct connections with all major public and private cloud infrastructure providers, including AWS and Azure.

Managed Services

Our experts will cover your most pressing needs, including remote hands, DevOps, network operations, engineering and more.

Check out our looking glass to perform traces and reverse traces, test ping latency, and more.