DevOps & Operations

Our Ops team is familiar with Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Packer, and much more. Looking to integrate a fully automated build/test/deploy management system for your platforms? Let your developers work with our experts to create custom runbooks and more.



Our engineers can instrument your puppet/chef/ansible/packer and other stacks, or help design and create them, as well as monitor your Infrastructure 24x7x365.

It's an exciting time in the infrastructure orchestration/automation space. Especially for developers, tools getting sophisticated everyday and making development easier but when it comes to taking your application live there is a limited awareness on deployment with most providers.


  • Let us create your playbooks and other DevOps automation toolsets
  • Design a flexible architecture for your application.
  • Load balance your services automatically.
  • Perform canary deployments and Rollbacks.
  • Simplify your Ops and ensure higher machine utilizations
  • Have a team of experts 24x7x365 that can pro-actively and re-actively respond to your Infrastructure and Services.
  • 100% Service agnostic - in depth operational experience with custom colo, MaaS, cloud providers, platforms
  • Expert knowledge of AWS/EC2 and services, Azure, GCE, Softlayer, OVH platforms and more

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