NetActuate lives and breaths Infrastructure. We've built and control every aspect of our stack, from the facilities we deploy to for connectivity, the physical infrastructure, network gear, and connectivity.


NetActuate delivers global infrastructure solutions across 27+ mission critical datacenters in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. Our core focus is VPS, dedicated bare metal servers, and colocation with an emphasis on low-latency network services. Leverage hybrid virtual, dedicated, and colocated infrastructure solutions to design best fit infrastructure. Any of our infrastructure solutions can be powered by Anycast, standard multi-homed Internet transit, layer 2 service, and other custom network services.

Virtual Servers

Deploy powerful virtualization (VPS), infrastructure, and tools that allow you to easily deploy, manage, and scale your instances across the globe. Our VPS resources are dedicated, never oversubscribed, and 1Gbps VLANs are powered by the 7th largest BGP network in the world.

Bare Metal Servers

Deploy and manage dedicated physical servers using our Bare Metal as a Service (MaaS) platform. With instant deployment in minutes, you can orchestrate physical hardware as if it were a virtual server deployed to our cloud platform, with all the benefits or our multi-geo and Anycast network.

Managed Colocation

We offer Managed Colocation services in 50+ global carrier hotels and sites. With our cross-border expertise in shipping, customs, local onsite staff and broad reach you can partner with us to deploy your hardware around the world while interconnecting directly with every leading major IX and every global carrier.

Hybrid Deployments

NetActuate’s core strength as an infrastructure company revolves around our ability to successfully design best-fit solutions. Our flexible service platform allows us to create solutions that mix virtual resources, dedicated bare metal servers, and colocation with options for custom engineering and management.

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