Managed Hosting

Whether a simple website, or thousands of servers distributed around the world our team can provide full, white glove management of your infrastructure and critical applications.

Managed Hosting


Let our engineers manage your environment - from just your web presence, to Cloud servers, Colocation, or even 3rd party SaaS apps and platforms.



Software Updates and Patch Management

Security updates and bugfixes are an ongoing part of the IT lifecycle. Not keeping up with software updates can lead to security exposure and disaster as security weaknesses are exposed. As part of our managed service offering, we will ensure that your server is kept up to date with the latest patches and updates.


Migration Assistance

Moving websites and data can be a complicated and confusing process. Our staff has years of experience planning and executing website migrations to minimize downtime and headaches. Migration of one website is included for free with each managed server, contact us for a proposal on more complex migration projects.


Firewall Management

We will tune the firewall to meet your specific requirements and make any necessary firewall rule updates as needed. For situations requiring a high level of security or VPN support, we recommend a separate managed hardware firewall.


Performance Tuning

Our team is skilled in tuning server settings in order to deliver peak performance for busy, high-traffic web sites. We will monitor your server’s performance and adjust server software parameters (including Apache, IIS, MySQL, PHP and more) to work best for your needs.


Server Health Monitoring

Our automated system constantly monitors CPU, RAM, Hard disk utilization, and RAID health to ensure your server is always running at its peak performance. Within minutes of our monitoring tools detecting a problem or abnormality, our staff is notified to begin investigating the problem.


Repair of all Issues with pre-installed Software

Depending on how you plan to use your server, we will install the appropriate operating system and software to support your business needs. For questions on specific configurations, please contact us so that we can understand your goals and recommend a solution. We will offer troubleshooting and resolution of any Linux or Windows-based environment that we setup.


SSL Certificate Management

Whether you have one site that needs SSL security or 100, we will handle installing your SSL certificates at no additional charge. This includes keeping track of SSL keys as well as adjusting SSL parameters such as cipher strengths. Tranquil has SSL certificates that we can sell directly, or you can purchase your SSL certificates from a third party.

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