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Next Generation IPv6

IPv4 Space has run out! Don’t be left behind as others transition.

Power your business with our full, dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 network. IPv6 is included as a standard, no-cost option for all NetActuate services in all locations.


What is IPv6?

IPv6 (IP version 6) is the new normal–it will eventually replace the IPv4 protocol. IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses compared to 32-bit addresses used with IPv4. This improvement makes it easier to assign addresses to the wireless, smart-network-enabled, and IoT devices that surround us more and more every day. You can read more about the World IPv6 Launch.


IPv6 Hosting

Combined with our instant provisioning, you can easily have a full, root-access server with dual-stack connectivity up and running in just a few minutes, using our IaaS cloud. Run your IPv6-enabled site, or testing services, without the performance degradation or elaborate setup required for complex tunnels.


IPv6 Resources

Learn more about the history of the transition to IPv6, how it works, and more.

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