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DevOps & Operations

Looking to integrate a fully automated build/test/deploy management system for your platforms? Have your developers collaborate with our experts to create custom runbooks and more.

Let our expert engineers instrument, design, create, or flexibly scale your Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Packer and other stacks – and monitor your infrastructure 24x7x365.


  • Simplify your Ops and ensure greater leverage of infrastructure
  • Have a team of experts 24x7x365 that can pro-actively and re-actively respond to your infrastructure and services
  • Design a flexible architecture for your application
  • 100% service agnostic – operational expertise in custom colo, MaaS, and cloud providers
  • Let us create your playbooks and DevOps automation toolsets so you can strategize, develop and grow
  • Load balance your services automatically using multiple facets of our platform
  • Perform canary or red/black deployments and rollbacks
  • Expert knowledge of AWS/EC2, Azure, GCE, Softlayer, OVH platforms and more

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