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Managed Hosting

We monitor and manage your servers 24/7 – so you can focus on your business.

Let our full service, white-glove management of your infrastructure and critical applications provide fast and reliable access to your products and services. Power your web presence, cloud servers, colocation, and 3rd-party SaaS apps and platforms with our custom managed hosting solutions.

  • Performance Tuning

    We know how to deliver peak performance for high-traffic websites. Experience incredible speed and reliability as our expert staff monitor your server’s performance and adjust software parameters for Apache, IIS, MySQL, PHP and more, based on your needs.

  • Server Health and Software Updates Management

    Our automated system constantly monitors CPU, RAM, hard disk utilization, and RAID health to ensure your server is fast and reliable. If our monitoring tools detect a problem, our expert staff is notified within minutes to resolve any issues. You can be worry-free when it comes to security threats and other potential problems. We keep your server up-to-date with the latest patches and updates based on your requirements.

  • Firewall Management

    We configure our firewalls to meet your requirements and make firewall rule updates when needed. For situations requiring a high level of security or VPN support, we recommend a separately-managed hardware firewall.

  • Migration Assistance

    Let us handle the often difficult job of website migration for you. Our expert staff will migrate one website for free with each managed server. If you have a complex migration project, contact us for a custom quote to provide everything you need to ensure minimal downtime and headaches.

  • Pre-Installed Software Support

    Depending on your business demands and application requirements, we recommend, install and support the right operating system for you. We offer fast, expert support for Linux or Windows-based environments that we can set up and customize configurations.

  • SSL Certificate Management

    We install as many SSL certificates as you need at no additional charge. We keep track of SSL keys and adjust SSL parameters, such as cipher strengths. You can purchase your SSL certificates from us or a third party, depending on your business needs.


Get Started

Ready to focus more on what matters, and not on keeping your servers running and up-to-date? We can power your business with a fast and  reliable solution that meets your needs. Schedule a call with a NetActuate solution specialist for a free estimate today and find out what we can do.