Virtual Servers

Our formula is simple: Provide powerful virtualization, infrastructure, and tools that allow you to easily deploy, manage, and scale your instances on a dedicated model to any of our 27 worldwide locations.

Virtual Servers


NetActuate’s intuitive management portal allows our customers to easily manage their VPS resources across a global footprint. Our flexible cloud architecture enables us to customize the virtual infrastructure to adapt our technology to solve challenges that other providers are incapable of.


  • Over 500+ ISOs readily available to deploy instantly including Linux, BSD, CoreOS, FreePBX and more (custom ISOs are available as well)
  • 27+ data center locations available to spin up resources instantly
  • Supports Anycast, unicast, cross connects to global providers, BGP and layer 2 connectivity
  • Easily add IP addresses,spin up new servers, and control BGP from the management portal


Speed Time to Market

With over 500 ISOs, 27+ global markets, API / SDK integrations, and back end customization, NetActuate helps thousands of companies deploy services rapidly at a global scale.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the hurdles of managing multiple providers to achieve your global objectives. Partner with us to design custom architecture solutions that fit right the first time instead of piecing together solutions.

Increase Performance

NetActuate operates an enormous BGP network with over 2,100 peers and low latency is the end result. Our Anycast network puts your services within 20ms of over 5 billion end users, while our datacenter presence enables us to connect directly to thousands of carriers throughout the globe.


NetActuate takes a partner approach to service delivery. We work hand in hand to design solutions with our customers which creates a powerful dynamic. Leverage our expertise to customize your infrastructure, network, and geographic presence with a 24x7x365 operations staff to fully support your services.

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