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Johannesburg, South Africa Datacenter

NetActuate’s purpose-built, resilient, vendor neutral Johannesburg facility is home to over 200 major network providers, as well as the NAPAfrica Internet eXchange Point for fast, reliable access to Africa IX partners.


  • 95,000 sq ft
  • Purpose-built design
  • Raised floor


  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001


  • Pre-authorized access only
  • Visual identity confirmation
  • Biometric fingerprint imaging
  • 24×7 video surveillance
  • Comprehensive perimeter and building security


  • Carrier-agnostic
  • Multiple connections
  • Fiber, copper, coax cross-connects
  • Access to NAPAfrica Internet eXchange (IX), part of Africa IX


  • Municipal power feed provides 20 MVA
  • Redundant diesel generators with 5 days of fuel onsite
  • Fully online UPSs ensure frequency, voltage and surge stability


  • Multiple cooling zones with independent CRAC units
  • Hot aisle containment
  • Independent humidity and temperature monitoring

About Our Johannesburg Datacenter

NetActuate’s Johannesburg facility is operated by Teraco. This purpose-built facility offers a secure, guaranteed 99.999% uptime environment, and unique flexibility and scale in South Africa. With over 200 major network providers colocated in this facility, customers have access to the largest number of interconnectivity options on the African continent. Customers also enjoy access to a NAPAfrica Internet eXchange Point (IXP) to connect into the Africa IX ecosystem.

A sophisticated, unified building monitoring system ensures that every environmental and security-related aspect are monitored and logged continuously, from equipment access to temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity. All alarms and early warning messages are sent to the central control room, management and the technicians on duty.

All cabinets in our Johannesburg facility are supplied with two independent power circuits from a resilient dual bank of UPSs and maintenance can be performed at any time on any of the UPSs without service disruption. Multiple power generators ensure that an interruption of the municipal power supply, even combined with component failure, will not affect servers.

Available Services


Safeguard your equipment with the highest levels of security, redundancy, and connectivity.

Virtual Servers

Instantly provision virtual servers with over 500 ISOs with our self-service web portal.

Bare Metal Servers

Instantly deploy and manage physical servers using our Bare Metal as a Service (MaaS) platform.

Hybrid Cloud

We will seamlessly integrate your existing equipment and services with ours for a true hybrid solution.

BGP Anycast

Give your users faster performance and zero downtime with our global anycast service.

IP Transit & Transport

Get low latency delivery across 2,500 peers and leading network providers, available from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

Cloud Connect

Fast, reliable direct connections with all major public and private cloud infrastructure providers, including AWS and Azure.

Managed Services

Our experts will cover your most pressing needs, including remote hands, DevOps, network operations, engineering and more.

Check out our looking glass to perform traces and reverse traces, test ping latency, and more.