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Powering Innovation at the Global Edge

Build and deploy to 30+ global locations on one of the largest IPv4 and IPv6 peered networks in the world

Anycast Delivery Platform

Our flexible anycast delivery platform intelligently routes users to the location that will deliver the highest performance. Simple, all-in-one pricing includes IP space, 24×7 monitoring, latency optimization, and DDoS protection.

Global Connectivity

With over 4,000 peers in 70+ carrier hotels, our network services are continually optimized for low latency across global regions. Our 24×7 NOC proactively monitors and responds to any issues affecting network performance.

Infrastructure Services

Our managed infrastructure services provide a simple way to deploy your environments across global markets. Easily spin up and manage VMs, bare metal, and colocation services from 30+ locations worldwide via our online portal.

Slow is the New Down

Latency matters, especially when high quality end user experiences are critical to your bottom line.

Accelerate and simplify the global distribution of application platforms with our optimized network and infrastructure services. Fill out our contact form to get in touch with a solution specialist today.

30+ Global Locations

Our network and infrastructure services are continually optimized to deliver low latency across diverse global markets.

“Working with NetActuate cut our costs by 50%, increased our speed by 400%, and tripled our number of locations”

– Jeff Cronstrom, Senior Director of DNS Network & Engineering

Optimized Network Performance

Our 24x7 NOC monitors and optimizes our global network for performance and reliability, keeping it free from sinkholes, routing loops, and other issues.

faster than leading providers in the Americas

faster than leading providers in the EMEA

faster than leading providers in APAC

Latest News

Recent Upgrades to NetActuate’s Sydney, Australia Data Center Boost Network Performance and Infrastructure Capacity

To boost network performance across Australia and New Zealand, NetActuate recently completed a series of upgrades to their Sydney data center. As a result, NetActuate customers now have access to additional connectivity options to Singapore and Los Angeles, and...

From the Blog

Face-to-Face Connections at the 14th Annual Global Peering Forum Helps NetActuate Build a Faster, Larger Global Network

This April, NetActuate’s Director of Global Networking, Kate Gerry, attended the 14th meeting of the Global Peering Forum (GPF), a yearly networking event that promotes interconnection among networks, content, cloud, and digital media organizations and related...