NetActuate operates a global network with 2000+ peers from 50+ global locations, serving every major market on every contintent. We are the 8th largest ISP globally based on adjacent peers, mirroring our focus to deliver services to end users as quickly and reliably as possible.

BGP Anycast

We live and breath Anycast. Using our extensive global network, peering, and infrastructure, NetActuate delivers core Anycast services at a global scale. Anycast can be delivered using our own ASN and IP space, or our customers can provide their own. We provide options for our clients to host their Anycast services on VPS or bare metal dedicated servers, as well as the option to colocate their own hardware in our enterprise data centers.

IP Transit & Transport

We offer high performance IP transit from 100Mbps to 100Gbps of capacity. Our transport services are available in 50+ carrier neutral data centers globally. Network ports can be delivered for blended IP transit, mixed use, PNI, and VLAN directly to carriers and Internet exchanges. With over 100Gbps of network capacity, we are able to extend wholesale pricing for network services to our clients.

CloudTransit & CloudConnect

NetActuate is a catalyst for clients that need a higher level of routing customization, Anycast, and BGP with AWS, Google Compute, Rackspace, Azure, and other major cloud service providers. We enable our clients to take control of the network and improve performance through our customizable routing solutions.

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