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BGP Anycast

We live and breathe anycast to deliver performance and reliability like no other.

Use our extensive global network, peering, and infrastructure to deliver core anycast services at global scale. Anycast can be delivered using our, or your own, ASN/IP space and resources. Give your customers fast, reliable access to your business with our BGP anycast solutions.


"Best Path" to Content

Take advantage of our global footprint, robust architecture, and scalable platform. Your webpages can load faster and your applications can perform better. Anycast allows you to move your entire stack to the edge.


Network-Level Failover

Leverage NetActuate anycast by announcing the same prefix into the global routing table from multiple locations. BGP anycast provides a single IP address globally to enable you to easily implement DR (Disaster Recovery) and HA (High-Availability) solutions.


LightLoop Optimized Path Routing

We ensure optimized return paths to users and provide a “best path” access to content, by running weighted traffic analysis towards prefixes that consider our extensive peering and transit footprint in different regions.

  • IP Addressing

    Deploy your services from all, or select, NetActuate anycast locations depending on your needs and locations of your users to optimize performance. You can use our IP space or choose to bring your own IPv4/IPv6 addresses.

  • Control BGP

    We provide you with complete control panel access to dynamically and reliably manage BGP. Our highly scalable and flexible infrastructure can be customized as well, based on your deployment needs.

  • DDoS Protection

    You can add DDoS protected fallback by announcing the same prefix for dispersed locations to ensure you have network-level failover and you can achieve maximum production availability.

  • Infrastructure

    Ensure that your anycast services are deployed on the right resources. NetActuate provides VPS, bare metal dedicated servers, and colocation options for hosting Anycast.

  • Managed Anycast

    We partner with you to manage and strategize every aspect of your anycast service from DevOps to global load balancing. NetActuate’s experienced engineers can help launch your custom stack in as little as 24 hours.


Get Started

NetActuate has a custom anycast solution for you – whether or not you have existing network infrastructure. Deploy your service into the cloud with our BGP anycast to create a highly-available, low-latency experience for your end users.

Leverage our advanced global BGP anycast network to go beyond simple CDN and move your stack to the edge.