BGP Anycast

We live and breath Anycast. Using our extensive global network, peering, and infrastructure we're able to deliver core Anycast services at global scale. Anycast can be delivered using our, or your own ASN/IP space and resources.

BGP Anycast


Leverage our global BGP Anycast network to go beyond simple CDN and move your stack to the edge. We provide solutions that are geared toward both existing service providers that have network infrastructure, and customers that have do not have network infrastructure. Deploy your service into the cloud and utilize BGP Anycast to create a highly available service that is delivered with low-latency to end users.

What is Anycast?

In the simplest terms, BGP Anycast allows you to have network level failover of IP Address space. This is accomplished by announcing the same prefix into the global routing table from multiple geographic locations.

If one location goes offline, the global routing table adjusts automatically and routes traffic to the next nearest location announcing the prefix. In addition to automatic failover, Anycast provides "best path" access to content. This means that users automatically connect to the Anycast location closest to them based on the network.

BGP Anycast requires real time replication and it is critical that data is synced across the network for end users to access up to date content. BGP Anycast requires an architecture and service design that is specifically built for Anycast.

Anycast Deployment Options


IP Addressing

Deploy your services from all, or select, NetActuate Anycast locations using your own IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.


Control BGP

Announce your IP space on our core network infrastructure with complete control panel access to manage the announcements from our dashboard.


DDoS Protection

Add DDoS protected fallback locations to ensure that your production Anycast services have maximum availability.



Ensure that your Anycast services are deployed on the right resources. NetActuate provides VPS, bare metal dedicated servers, and colocation options for hosting Anycast.


Managed Anycast

Partner with NetActuate to manage every aspect of your Anycast service from DevOps to global load balancing. We can help launch your custom stack in as little as 24 hours.

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